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Welcome Lovely! I’m glad you’re here.

Are you struggling to create a life you love, one of meaning, where you feel fulfilled and appreciated?

You are an incredibly loving woman, who feels like there’s nothing left at the end of the day for yourself.
You lose yourself in relationships, always giving, without much left over for yourself. Some days, you may even feel like you’re living someone else’s life, or not actually living at all. Your soul yearns to make an impact in this world, in the way that’s uniquely yours, if you could only discover how. You lose yourself in relationships, always giving, without much left over for yourself. You’re tired of doing it all, and would love to feel that flowy feminine energy in yourself, that you see in other women.

We might be an ideal fit for each other if:
· you want to feel proud of the gorgeous woman you are and allow yourself to shine in the world
· you long to live a life of meaning and purpose
· you adore the feeling of you when you’re at your best and would love resources that guide you to enjoy your best self more often
· you’re experiencing difficult situations in your relationships and would welcome ways to move through them while staying true to yourself and honouring your partner
· you would feel happy knowing you had on hand a guide for both everyday living and how to dance through life’s trouble spots
· you want to gain clarity
· you want to fall in love with yourself and your life!

Just a little about me
I am Trina Ghauri, Ph.D., kindness consultant, love connector, world traveler, caring creative soul and muse. I believe that we are each unique and very special individuals. My heart wanted to offer guidance to help navigate through life’s rough spots, while remaining true to (or discovering) your own special essence. I believe that although life can have us turned upside down at times, there are wonderful gifts to cherish in the process. One of those gifts is unveiling the beautiful and uniquely gifted individuals we are. Imagine each special soul roaming the planet in authenticity of her unique gifts. That’s when all the pieces of the puzzle really come together to create the whole. It won’t happen whilst trying to be someone else or living in darkness or fear instead of love. When we learn to love ourselves, we can truly share our gifts with others and they can love us right back with adoring appreciation. I believe that the best person you can be is yourself, while being loving, kind, generous, gorgeous and aware.

How Women With Impact Can Help you
I would be delighted to offer you:
· resources and tools to help you cope with, and explore life’s unhappy/unkind moments (to find their hidden treasures!), and develop your own inner strength, while softening into your unique and quirky gorgeous self
· one-on-one assistance to walk you through the difficult times, including uncertainty about your true self and life purpose
· lovely ways to awaken your femininity and discover the beauty in life
· tips and inspiration to help you refocus, regroup and revamp

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:
· Share kindness and love for no good reason
· Slow down and marvel in the wonder of nature
· Makes eye contact with a warm smile that tells another, “I see you and you matter.”
· Understands the value in a shared healthy meal
· Still send hand-written notes
· Love getting lost in the wind on a warm, sunny day
· Are willing to explore something new
· Spreads her wings (otherwise known as arms) to let the breeze flow by and her spirit soar!

Care to join me and together, we can, not only make our own lives blossom, but we can make a real difference in our world!

Peace Promise Project

Regular women effecting
extraordinary peace:
You making a difference!

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For those of you who know it's time to take your life one bigger step (or is that leap?) further, we have developed a step-by-step program that brings together two decades of research and experience, as well as personalised coaching.